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    Ever make a decision, big or small that unknowingly (at the time) flips the world as you know it, upside down? We’d never owned a dog before, just admired other people’s from a distance. It kind of happened all at once and not at all, but on the 27th of December 2015, Bud appeared in our lives with a bang and changed everything!

    I’m not sure if ‘obsessed’ is the right word, or enough of a word to depict the love that we have for this furry little sweet potato! His character and charm captures everyone he meets and makes even the most unassuming folks crack a smile, I mean, how could he not, Hellooo look at him! ...Said like a true ‘my dog’s better than your dog’ dog mom, right?

    As keen travelers (don’t worry Bud was always in great hands at his Grandparent’s house), every new city or country we visited we always hunted down the local pet boutiques to see what new accessories we could bring home for Bud. Hoodies from Paris, collars and leashes from NYC, T-shirts from Beijing, this Doggo was always rocking the coolest gear.

    Bud became our passion, and with that sparked an idea. After bringing plain grey hoodies to a local clothing printer to put our own spin on it, we thought why not create a brand that would represent Doggos and Puppers not only of all shapes and sizes, but of all personalities and characteristics. From the goofy to the gentle, the rebellious to the regal, the hilarious to the handsome, each one is Electric in their own ‘Pawesome’ way!

    And thus, EP was born. After over 9 months of prepping and planning, our designs are now ready to be unleashed (pardon the pun) into the world so that Electric Pups all over can live their best lives, looking fresh while doing so! Watch This Space!